Pawnut Classic

Pawnut Classic


"Skyliश Pawnut Classic

Reports say that doggos are sad because hoomans finish all the peanut butter at home. So we decided to make a special peanut butter, free of any preservatives or artificial agents just for our doggo friends!!

This Classic Pawnut Butter is a smooth buttery delight made with nothing but premium quality peanuts roasted to perfection(and loads of love of course!). Stuff it in a kong for your doggo to give them an engaging experience.


Ingredients : Roasted Peanuts


Available in two sizes:


Storage : Store in a cool and dry place and consume within six months from date of packaging


Feeding Guidelines: Designed as a treat and are complementary to your dog's regular food. Supervise while feeding. For dogs with allergies or other sensitivities, please review the ingredients carefully. Treats and Snacks should be limited to 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake.



Shipping : From date of order, 4-5 days(Hyderabad) | 6-7days (Rest of India)

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