Cnappy and Banana B’oat Cookies in one bag- That honestly sounds like heaven in a bag for your floofy baby! Loaded with fibres, these cookies are made with real fruits and all-natural ingredients. After having these cookies, your pupper is gonna woof-woof with happiness!!


These cookies are perfect for training rewards for your pooch for when they are on their good behaviour(which is almost always)!


Ingredients: C'nappy Cookies & Banana B'oat Cookies (50:50)


Pack Options: 100gms and 250gms


Storage & Shelf Life:Store in a cool and dry place and consume within 15 days from the date of packaging.


Feeding Guidelines:Designed as a treat and are complementary to your dog's regular food. Supervise while feeding. For dogs with allergies or other sensitivities, please review the ingredients carefully.Treats and Snacks should be limited to 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake.



Shipping:From date of order,4-5 days (Hyderabad) | 6-7days (Rest of India)

Cookie Bite Mix


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