Whether you are visting a furry friend or would like to surprise your four legged companion with a cobination of goodies and treats, we've got a new range of goof-bags that will fit right for any occasion! Different combos with barkies, personalized cookies, mini pawnut and our newly launched selection of dri-licious treats available in 3 different combos, your pup is going to love these present Santa leaves behind. 


Goofbag 1 : Personalized Cookies (50gms) + Dri-licious Bites (50gms) 

Goofbag 2 : Bar'kie (M) + Drilicious Bites (50gms) 

Goofbag 3 : Personalized cookies (50gms) + Bar'kie (M) + Mini Pawnut (100gms)


(for ingredients and other details, please refer the individual product page) 


For dogs with allergies or other sensitivities, please review the ingredients carefully.


Shipping : 5-6 days (Hyderabad) | 6-7 days (Rest of India)

Celebration Goofbags

Goofbag Combos
Selection of Bites (only for combo 1 & 3)

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