Brain Teasers Combo

Brain Teasers Combo


Brain Teasers


A handpicked combination of treats and rewards for your pupper that is sure to be your go-to for all the times when your furry baby learns a new trick or is in their good behaviour (almost always, hooman!) Choose from 3 exciting Brain teaser combos according to your doggo's preference!


Combo Includes:

Combo 1: Chicken Bites(50g), C'nappy(50g), Banana Boat(50g),Magnet*

Combo 2: Meat Bites(50g), Chicken Bites(50g), Cookie Mix(50g), Tug Toy*

Combo 3: Dri-licious Mix(50g), Cookie Mix(50g),Magnet*


*Custom made for Skylish by 'For the Love of Dog'


Shipping : From date of order, 4-5 days(Hyderabad) | 6-7days (Rest of India)