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Rescue Tales - Congo

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Meet Congo, the shy little dog, who was terrified of even the kindest human touch around him not even a year and a half ago. He was one of the 40 dogs that were rescued from a neglectful situation in Tennessee, USA by Animal Rescue Corps (ARC). All dogs were staying in filth, covered in ticks and fleas, many had heartworms, and some just completely terrified of human presence. Erin, who stays 7 hours away from Tennessee, was called upon by ARC to help with this rescue operation and she drove right away at the first call. Of the 40 dogs, Congo was one of the two who was most terrified. He had ticks, fleas, heartworms and his face full of scars. It took multiple visits over weeks for Erin to win Congo’s trust and slowly this little heart would look forward to her visits and he would not just wag his tail, but also jump right into her lap the moment she entered his space.

Just three months prior to this rescue operation, Erin had lost Rex, her first dog, after less than a year together. Her loss was deep, and the grief was overwhelming. Deep in her heart she just couldn’t imagine another dog on her couch. Congo needed lot of medical care and attention. ARC found Congo a place at a shelter in the neighbouring state at Kentucky. Letting Congo go was one of the hardest things for Erin as he had made lot of progress and he would severely regress if he was not given proper time and attention. But she had a planned travel at hand and with a heavy heart had to let Congo go to the shelter at Kentucky. She would only hope he got the right care and love, but in her heart, she was deep down worried for him.

On her return, Erin was shocked to know that Congo had indeed regressed. He couldn’t get back to trusting humans, did not accept food, couldn’t be leashed and was not able to get any medical attention because of this behaviour. The shelter had already contacted ARC to take him back. It was heart breaking, and at that moment Erin knew that Congo could only be with her and she drove two days later to embrace this little boy into her life. And Oh, boy! Congo began to thrive in the safety of a quiet and loving home. Erin loved him with all her heart, helped him heal medically as well as emotionally. She patiently dealt with him and never pushed him beyond his threshold. And he loved her right back. Erin and Congo would together take a lot of positive reinforcement classes and that helped Congo with trust and confidence in his relationship with Erin. And then they discovered Congo’s love for Parkour. Erin worked very closely with Congo and together they have lot of fun, learning and confidence building through multiple activities in parkour and enrichment. <-- Here is a video that shows how Congo enjoys Parkour

Who was once a shy and timid little boy scared of every little thing around has now blossomed into a very curious and playful little one who brings his mom joy every single day. They share a love for long walks, hikes, adventures and just goofing around. He is one brave boy and has survived the most difficult times only because he was waiting for the best to come. Dogs sure have magical powers. In their journey together, they have not just helped each other heal, but also flourish with new experiences.  

While Rex was special and will always be Erin’s heart dog, Congo has touched her soul and has his own place on her little couch. This bond is precious and beyond time.

A new dog never replaces your old dog, it merely expands your heart. Trust your angels, they will always carve the best for you. They will heal you, love you and nurture you …  

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