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Bindu and her family were regular at feeding dogs near their apartment in Kolkata. One of them, Sundari, gave birth to six pups, all of who were healthy and good looking. Bindu started feeding these pups too. All of them would mob Bindu when food would arrive, except for one that would sit separately at the corner. They would have to go and feed her separately. They named this cute aloof pup Puchku, who would never leave her mom Sundari. Sadly, at 45 days old, Puchku got hit by a speeding vehicle and one of her forelimb was badly crushed. 

Bindu, along with her family, rushed the little one for help and about 3-4 vets, who, without even taking a closer look, suggested amputation. This was the not the fate Bindu wanted for Puchku. They did not give up easily and finally they came across this vet who was considerate to try and heal her without amputating her limb. It took 2-3 years for Puckhu's forelimb to heal completely, but for Bindu, every effort that went into it was totally worth it. 

Bindu and her family had lost Simba, a Spitz, not even a year ago from Puchku's accident, and were not emotionally ready for another pet. However, they wholeheartedly opened their home for Puckhu, to heal her, both emotionally as well as physically.  Puckhu was that little angel who adorned their beautiful home and their loving heart.  ​Puchku's has been with Bindu for over 6 years now. Yet, she finds comfort only in Bindu and follows her around, just like she used to follow her mum Sundari as a pup. She is a shy dog and doesn't trust humans and dogs easily, A year ago, Bindu adopted another needy pup from the streets and named him Rio. Puchku, though reluctantly, accepted Rio as part of the family. And, you see an amazing bond between Rio and Puchku that has formed in the last one year.

For the world Puchku would have been just another street puppy like many other adjusting and surviving the harsh world all alone, whose death would not even matter much to anyone, but a small act of kindness from Bindu was all that was needed to change her life forever. She filled Bindu's home with love again and made a special place for herself in her loving heart. ​Thank you Bindu for sharing this special story of Puchku with us. 

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