Skyliश is proud to offer exciting treats and goodies for your special doggos. Every preparation is made with fresh ingredients, is high in nutrition and completely free of preservatives or any artificial coloring or baking agents.  We assure you a drool worthy and delightful experience for your pet. 

Choose from an exciting range of goodies and make a special moment for your pet!

Think Pet Gourmet, Think Skyli

An exciting range of doggie treats and goodies on offer. Choose from long lasting doggie chews, aromatic doggie bites, crackling munchies, smooth creamy peanut butter, high value treats or celebratory bakes and cakes.


Be assured that every preparation is completely natural, healthy and safe for your pooches ... we will never compromise on that promise!


Doggie Chew Bars

Skyliश Bar’kies are sourced directly

from the foothills of the Himalayas.

These Yak cheese bars are naturally

sun-dried and hardened to give your

dog a long lasting chewing experience.

They are also recommended for

your dog’s oral health!


Available in Small, Medium,

Large and Extra Large sizes.


Doggie Cookies

Aromatic Doggie Bites

  Skyliश Cookies are crafted to perfection with goodness of high fibrous grains and an interesting blend of real fruits. These are baked fresh and made free of preservatives, salt, sugar, oils or any artificial or baking agents. And yet, the fresh aroma and goodness of the cookies will leave your pets drooling for this

healthy bite! 


Available in two variants:

C’nappy (Apple)

Banana B’oat (Banana)


Crackling Munchies

  Skyliश Crunchies, the beautiful rustic bars, are loaded with fiber which are completely safe on your doggo’s tummy. A great way to get your doggo asking for healthy yummy delights ..

They sure won’t stop at one!


Grab these variants in our Crunchies:

Carota (Carrot)

P’nut Crunch (Peanuts)

Peanut crunchies.jpg


Anytime Celebrations

Skyliश Pup’Cakes are wholesome bites of a lip-smacking goodie to make a special moment for your pet. These creamy soft gluten-free pupcake is surprisingly made without any sugar, oil, butter or any baking agent. Yet it will make your pet jump as high to grab a bite!

Spoil your pooches to:

Nutty Affair (Peanut)

Chiquita (Chicken)

Peanut Butter

Simply fresh for your doggo!

Skyliश Pawnut is a smooth buttery treat for your adorable pooch.  Pure goodness of fresh roasted peanuts and is blended without any salt, sugar, oils, preservatives or artificial agents. This sure is gonna be your pet’s favorite! 

Treat your Doggos to:
  Pawnut Classic

  Pawnut Cinnamon

  Pawnut Honey


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