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Rescue Tales

Inspiring rescues tales that will make your heart fall in love with them ... Adopt, don't shop ! 


Meet AURA, the crazy little goofbag with long ears and sparky personality. She won every single heart in Esha’s family right from the day she stepped in to their lives. Very naughty, always excited to play, beautifully adapts to people around and makes every single soul happy around her. That’s Aura, who was rescued from a ‘Puppy Shop’. Of course they didn’t find much 'value' in this little soul as she was weak, unhealthy and probably, a runt of the litter. She certainly would not have appealed to ‘Puppy Shoppers’ as a puppy worth spending their money on.


Swetha, an animal rescuer, would visit this pup (Aura was called Cray then) at the ‘Puppy Store’ to assess her condition as well as spend some time and play with her. This would make the little pup happy, but she still needed someone to look after her health and wellbeing. Shweta couldn’t see her plight and finally rescued this little one from the store with a hope to find her a ‘forever’ home.


A kind friend of Swetha helped foster Cray until they could find her a loving family. She was covered in ticks and was given a vet visit along with a grooming to help her heal.


Esha’s brother, a friend of Swetha, went visiting this pup, when suddenly her ‘puppy’ eyes were radiating all of Sneezer’s memories. Sneezer was Esha’s family pet who spent over 16 years with them before crossing over the rainbow bridge a year ago. Esha’s brother knew he had to get this pup home and within the first few minutes, this little bundle won everyone’s heart. They named her Aura, indeed apt, as she bounded everyone with happiness and joy.


Aura’s crazy playfulness keeps everyone involved at Esha’s home. She is this wonderful soul, who, in the process of being rescued, managed to rescue this family from the heartache that Sneezer’s separation brought. Indeed, rescue tales like these melt our hearts and we cannot thank beautiful people like Esha and her family for giving Aura a new cease of life.


This reminds us that ‘We are all born with the ability to change someone’s life, let’s not waste it!’  



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