About Us

Skylish is a Home-Grown Indian Dog Bakery in Hyderabad that was started in 2018 by Rachna Gujral and her two doggo musketeers– Terry and Sherry! They were the reason to deep dive into canine nutrition because of the lack of essential nutritional value and benefits in the commercial treats and dog food available in the market. The major part of a dog’s nutrition comprises of proteins from animal or dairy sources but sadly, the products sold in the market are highly processed and have ingredients that add little to no value to our pet’s diet or have ingredients used as fillers which are rather harmful to our pets. 

For her furry companions, Rachna started making home-made treats and rewards and in no time, these treats and snacks became super popular among doggos in the neighbourhood. Since then, there was no looking back and Skylish became a way to serve these Natural, Safe and Healthy treats and bakes to a larger audience!

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