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About Us

Skylish was established back in 2018 with a sole objective of offering Natural, Healthy and Safe dog treats to conscious and responsible pet parents in India. Our motto remains constant as we continue to grow and scale to newer markets.


Quality has always been the prime focus in every aspect of our operations. Be it sourcing the right meat and ingredients for our products, to following processes and guidelines as per global standards, to ensuring only the best reaches our customers.

Lack of regulations around pet food in India has not been a deterrent and we continue to align our product offerings to benchmarks set across developed nations. Our products are made only with responsibly sourced meat and ingredients and are lab tested and certified safe by leading food, water and air testing facility. 

The Team : 

Skylish was founded by Rachna, a pet parent, who just couldn't find the right training treats in the store for her puppies way back then. Deep diving into canine nutrition led her to understand the science behind keeping her dogs healthy and fit. 

Skylish is a member of ICAN, International Companion Animal Network, an association that is established due to The International School of Canine Psychology (ISCP), UK. Rachna is pursuing a two year Diploma Program in Canine Nutrition with The ISCP as well as enrolled with The Science Dog, US run by Linda P. Case. 

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