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About Us


Skylish is a canine bakery that offers natural, healthy and safe treats for our four legged buddies.

Commercial treats and dog food available in the market are highly processed and have ingredients that add little or no value to our pet's diet. Major part of dog's nutrition comprise of proteins from animal or dairy sources and the products sold in the market not just lack this essential nutritional value but also the ingredients used as fillers are causing more harm to our pet's health. Like in humans, obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems seen in dogs and lack of proper nutrition in the diet is the primary contributor to this concern.

Through Skylish we provide exciting treats and bakes made with ingredients that are procured locally and fresh, are high on nutritional value for canines, and are totally free of preservatives, sugar, salt or any artificial agents or colors. These not only add excitement and taste to the dog's palate, but also add nutrition to their health. To back the credentials to the venture, a deeper study into canine nutrition and behavior is underway through a professional two year diploma as base qualification. Post qualification, a wider objective of sharing knowledge through canine nutrition workshops and diet consultations will provide a wider horizon for working on the overall health of our canine companions.  

Rachna founded Skylish in 2018 along with her canine buddies Terry and Sherry. They were the reason to deep dive into canine nutrition. She also took the added responsibility to train them herself using fear free methods which meant a steady supply of healthy treats and rewards. The treats started to gain popularity among dogs in the neighborhood and thus gave birth to the idea to serve these yummy and healthy treats and bakes to a larger audience through Skylish.

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